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Older Americans Month 2017


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Here are several ways to celebrate this year's theme, Age Out Loud, through stories.

  • Interview people in your community who exemplify what it means to Age Out Loud. Try for a mix of individuals, such as older public servants, elder rights advocates, back-to-schoolers, or people trying new careers. Everyone has a story. Interviews can be shared as written pieces or videos.
  • Arrange for older adults to share or read stories. Call a community or senior center about a joint effort–perhaps they'd like older adults to share their skills or experience in a workshop. Alternatively, see if a local school would like to host a "Senior Day" where older adults speak to students. Or, contact libraries about older adults reading books to young children.
  • Arrange for local school students to interview residents of a retirement community or nursing home, and write a short biography. Plan a program for the residents and other members of the community at which the students would read aloud their stories. Invite your local newspaper or radio station to attend.
  • Ask your social media followers to share their wisdom, tips, and stories online–either using a unique hashtag or by posting to a page or forum you manage. If you take this approach, be sure to provide guidance, such as length or word limits, what you'd most like to hear, and a contact person for questions.